Posted  17 Nov 2008 - 19:00:34

Category: Apple

Reset iPhone locked in console mode

For some reason your iPhone just won't start, but shows a console with black background and cryptic messages on screen. When you connect it to the computer it might show the text "... can't start, need configuration".


  1. Power down the iPhone by pressing the power (top right) and "home" button at the same time a couple of seconds.
  2. Start iTunes on your computer.
  3. Press and keep holding down the "home" button.
  4. With the "home" button still pressed down, connect the phone to the computer.
  5. A prompt on your computer should say that the iPhone is in restore mode. Click Ok, and then click the "Restore" button.


1/10/2009 11:31:42 AM  Mikael  wrote:

Sorry, corrected the instructions.


1/10/2009 7:40:03 AM  Vic  wrote:

"With the "home" button still connected ..." where to connect the home button?

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