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\system32\hal.dll error installing Windows XP on Mac

So this was the second time I got this error in less than a year and I had to do a good amount of googling before I found the solution again. So I thought I might help someone by writing this down specifically for this scenario. The solutions out there now are mainly for Windows users of course, and it might not be while installing, which is normally the case in my scenario.

Problem is that when I install Windows XP I usually remove the partition and format it new. This works on a PC, no problem. I have some ideas why this might be happening, and they are related to the MBR not being in sync with bootcamp if you remove it during the install. The exact description of this problem is still unknown to me, however the solution is not.

Do NOT remove or alter the partition created with BootCamp assistant in the Windows XP installation progress. Just choose it in the installer and format it.

Step - By - Step:

  1. Start up Mac OS X and run the BootCamp assistant (Applications / Utilities)
  2. Remove your old Windows partition by choosing to merge the parts back to one.
  3. Run the assistant again and allocate as much space for Windows as you like.
  4. Get the Windows XP CD and put it in.
  5. Choose to install Windows now and reboot the computer.
  6. Boot from the CD by pressing and holding the “c” after the start up sound.
  7. Go on normally until you come to the partitioning.
  8. Select the partition called BootCamp and hit enter. (DO NOT REMOVE IT).
  9. Choose a full format in the file system of your choice.
  10. Proceed with installation as normal.

If you did everything right and has the same problem I had your Windows install will go on after copying files and rebooting. Hope this managed to get rid of somebody’s headace out there. Comments and/or questions are more than welcome.

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